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Visiting the dentist is a source of anxiety for many people. And we get it—it can be scary and uncomfortable to have people poking around in your mouth. But avoiding the dentist out of fear can end up hurting you much more in the long run, in terms of dental health and your overall health.

Please know that you don’t have to dread your visits to the dentist! We want our patients to feel relaxed and at ease about coming to the clinic, so we put together our best pieces of advice for creating a hassle-free experience.

Ask about dental sedation

Since rattled nerves are such a widespread issue among dental patients, it’s now become common practice to offer sedation to help induce a state of calm relaxation. If you’re feeling nervous about your appointment, let us know and we can go over your options.

Make use of provided amenities

Many dental clinics now offer complimentary amenities to provide increased comfort and convenience to their patients. These include beverages in the waiting area, TVs and tablets for entertainment, and pillows and cushions for a cozier time in the dentist’s chair. Ask us about what we offer to our patients. We’re happy to accommodate most requests. 

Express your concerns to your dentist

Let your dentist know if you’re feeling worried or anxious before your treatment. Just letting the fear out can go a long way to resolving it! The comfort of our patients is a top priority for us and we can work with you to address your concerns and, in some cases, make adjustments to increase your comfort during your appointment. 

Your dentist can also walk you through the steps of your treatment beforehand so you know what to expect. They can also take breaks in the procedure or work at a slower pace so you don’t get overwhelmed.

We’re here to help

We want you to be happy with your smile and to look forward to your dental appointments. Our team serves patients in Gardena and the surrounding communities of Torrance. If there’s anything we can do to provide a more comfortable experience, please let us know!