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What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a pulp-filled cavity found in the root of a tooth. At healthy smiles premier dental we have skilful and experienced dentists that tend to perform root canal treatment whose goal is to preserve your dental formula.

Root Canal
Root Canal

Signs that you need root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is usually used to restore the tooth that had severely decayed.

When pulp is damaged it usually breaks down making bacteria to multiply within the pulp site, hence, resulting into an abscessed tooth- a pus-filled hole that forms at the end of the root of a tooth. In addition to this, an infection in the root canal can lead to swelling, bone loss or a deep hole that can cause drainage problems through the cheek or skin.

The signs and symptoms that show you are prone to a root canal and you need treatment are:

  • Severe painful toothache. When you are experiencing pain as you chew shows that you might be vulnerable for a root canal.
  • Tooth sensitivity. Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold drinks and meals is proof that you might be in dire need for a root canal
  • Darkening of your teeth. When your teeth have discolored and turned black shows that it’s high time you pay us a visit at healthy smiles premier dental for a root canal.
  • A pimple that keeps on recurring on the gums.
  • When your gums swell and become tender, this might be evidence that you have a root canal and treatment is purported to be performed soon.

At times, some symptoms are not present and a frequent check-up by visiting healthy smiles premier dental is recommendable; this is in case you feel dental discomfort.

Costs of root canal treatment

The charge for a root canal treatment varies with several aspects. The factors include: how severe the problem is, dental insurance and location where the procedure is performed. Our dentists can charge an average of  $330 to $530 for an incisor and incredibly higher for a molar- $500 to $820.

The only other alternatives for a root canal is dental extraction where the tooth gets replaced with a bridge, implant or a partial removable denture. Some of these alternatives tend to be more expensive and require a lot of time to perform the treatment procedures.

Benefits of a root canal treatment

  • Relieved of pain and discomfort that had resulted from a severe excruciating toothache.
  • Tooth extraction is reversible with this procedure.
  • Improved dental appearance.

Drawbacks of root canal treatment

  • Teeth are prone to easily fracturing but can be reinforced with porcelain crowns.
  • Unlike tooth extraction, the root canal is quite costly.
  • A root canal procedure is quite complicated and may consume more off your time since it requires multiple sessions.

Before opting to a root canal treatment, our dentists at healthy smiles premier dental will tend to give you either the latter option or dental extraction for you to choose; this is because we are mindful of the expenses, sessions and the depth of the dental issue.