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Laser Dentistry

The first dental laser was approved for use in 1976. Since then, laser technology has greatly improved many dental procedures. Dental lasers use light energy for treatment. The laser is very selective. It penetrates to a specific depth in the particular kind of tissue we want to treat. It treats only the desired area, while leaving healthy gums, bone, and tooth structure untouched.

The laser does not touch the teeth like a dental drill does, so there is no vibration to cause pain. Some people need a little anesthetic, but most do not need any at all. The only preparation necessary is to wear protective glasses and can be used on patients of all ages.

Laser Dentistry
Laser Dentistry

Use of Dental Lasers

We use lasers on soft tissues, like gums, and on hard tissues, like teeth and bone. Laser is used on hard tissues to remove tooth decay and prepare teeth for sealants, bonding, fillings, and other restorations; perform root canal therapy; reshape bone and treat sensitive teeth. When removing tooth decay, for example, the laser targets the dead tissue. The bacteria absorb the light and the infected cells are destroyed. The laser also sterilizes the tissue.

In summary, here are many benefits of using lasers:

  • It eliminates the heat, noise and vibration of a traditional hand-piece.
  • It requires very little or no anesthesia.
  • It minimizes bleeding and swelling.
  • It can speed up the healing of gum tissues.
  • It reduces the risk of infection by decontaminating the affected areas.

We constantly keep up with new technologies to make it easier for our patients to have a healthy and beautiful smile.