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Sedation dentist

The agony of a toothache will make you want to visit us at healthy smiles premier dental, but the thought of the pain that comes with the procedure might hinder you from the visit.

You are not alone; there are many other people who have a phobia with dentistry procedures this is why we have a dental practitioner who will help you out with that. A sedation dentist is the one who practices dentistry by applying medication to help the patient to relax during dental procedures.

There are levels of sedation at healthy smiles premier dental which are:

  • Minimal sedation– In this you are usually away but relaxed. The process is often pain-free.
  • Conscious sedation– Also referred to as moderate sedation of which you slur words while going to sleep hence you might not necessarily recall the procedure.
  • The sedation that is deep– In this you are unconscious but can still be awakened.
  • General anesthesia– With this you are entirely unconscious; you can’t feel anything.

Sedation dentist types and costs at healthy smiles premier dental

Sedation can be done in various ways.

Of which the types of sedation dentistry are:

  • A mask is placed on your nose that has a combination of nitrous oxide, ‘laughing gas’, and oxygen which will make you relax.
  • Oral sedation- In this you will be given a pill called Halcion which belongs to the Valium family. The pill will make you drowsy although you will be awake still. This type is commonly used by sedation dentist healthy smiles premier dental.
  • IV sedation. With this, you will be injected the drug through a vein.
  • Deep sedation. With this, you will receive medications that will make you completely unconscious and cannot easily be awakened until the anesthesia effects have completely worn off.

Sedation costs vary with the level and types of sedation dentistry used as well as patient’s preference. Typically, prices range $300 to $900 of which some aspects influence this, including:

  • The appointment duration.
  • The dentist. Here at healthy smiles premier dental different sedation dentists charge differently depending on the dentistry operations to be performed.

Merits of sedation dentist healthy smiles premier dental

  • The dental procedure is usually calm and relaxing hence offering a great deal of help to patients who have anxiety issues regarding pain or physical discomfort.
  • Reducing pain. When the sedation dentist performs any type of sedation will help patients relax and not feel even an inch of pain.
  • Less visits. A sedation dentist can work calmly and fast within a given time frame since there will be zero pressure from the anxious patient.

The cons of a sedation dentist healthy smiles premier dental

  • Costs are quite expensive. A sedation dentist might help ease you of pain, but the sedatives used might harness more hurt to your wallet.
  • Dosages are administered differently. Even though this is not a major demerit, various drugs may affect people differently. There have been instances where the sedatives have been administered wrongly, though this is a rare occurrence since our professionalism at healthy smiles premier dental offer the best dental services.
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