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Do you feel left out when others are displaying beautiful pearl white smiles?

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Dental issues addressed by dentist gardena

Dental issues are nothing to make happy about. Luckily most of them are easily preventable by brushing thrice a day, proper eating and regular visits to the dentist for check-ups. 

Being aware of some of the common dental issues addressed by the Dentist Gardena here at healthy smiles premier dental can lead to the eruption of many preventive measures.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a deadly disease affecting thousands of people. Most persons who excessively smoking tobacco and alcohol consumption. 

HPV is also reported to be a risk factor of oral cancer.

Signs and symptoms may be a sore in your mouth, lump or even chewing difficulty. 

Regularly visiting us at healthy smiles premier dental can assist in noting early about this deadly disease at its early stage. 

However, dentist gardena may opt to a surgical operation in case it has already developed.

Dental implants

These are surgical substances that are placed in order to interface with the jaw to offer effective support to a dental prosthesis such as crowning. 

Typically, persons with missing teeth, widened gaps or teeth loss usually make the best candidature for dental implants at healthy smiles premier dental. 

Surgery is the main treatment that is administered by dentist gardena.

Cosmetic dentistry

Do you need a smile makeover? Then, cosmetic dentistry is ultimately what you require. 

Teeth discoloration, misalignment of the teeth and misshaped teeth are usually among the dental problems addressed by cosmetic dentistry.

Primarily, the focus of dentist gardena is to improve your overall oral appearance.


Veneers are ultrathin porcelain fabrics directly bonded to the teeth. Mostly, the dentist gardena would opt to veneers for persons with widened gaps between teeth, misshaped or discolored teeth. 

Dentist gardena will use veneers so as to boost a more natural teeth appearance.

Jaw surgery

Jaw surgery is a surgical procedure designed to correct jaw issues and facial related alike. Temporomandibular joint disorder, malocclusion and sleep apnea are among the common problems addressed by jaw surgery here at healthy smiles premier dental. 

An orthodontist is particularly equipped with the skill to perform the operation.

Tooth extraction

A crowded mouth, excessively damaged tooth and tooth are but some of the dental issues which call for your tooth to be pulled out. 

Painful toothaches can cause a major discomfort and this is why visiting us at healthy smiles premier dental is an ample suggestion. Dentist gardena usually administers anesthesia so as to make the procedure as pain-free as possible.

Charges of dentist gardena

Generally, costs range from $30 to $35,000 per tooth regarding various factors such as the dental insurance, the type of dental treatment, location of treatment and the number of teeth treated.

Here at healthy smiles premier dental we offer you great services at affordable rates and a highly skilled professional of the dentist gardena.

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