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Dental bonding is a procedure that uses tooth colored resin material which is bonded over the teeth. The procedure is currently used in repairing the teeth and to change the shape or close the gaps between the teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry

What dental bonding is used for?

The dental bonding is a method which is used in restoring and improving a person’s smile.

We can use the dental bonding for:

  • repairing the decayed teeth since the composite resin is used in a bid to fill out the cavities.
  • Repairing cracked and chipped teeth
  • It improves appearance of discolored teeth
  • It helps close the space found between teeth
  • It makes the teeth look longer
  • It changes the shape of the teeth
  • It replaces amalgam like the silver filling for the cosmetic reasons.
  • It protects the portion of the root of the tooth which may have been exposed if the gums do recede towards the tooth’s root.

Cosmetic uses of dental bonding

Even if you may be having healthy teeth or gums, you may not be happy with the smile you have or something can be bothering you.  You may also suffer a crack or a chip of the teeth.  This is why you may decide to get the dental bonding from our office.

The dental bonding can be done for the adults and kids in order to repair the decaying and damaged tooth or to change the tooth alignment. The dental procedure can be inexpensive and it makes it more affordable.

How long the bonding lasts?

Many people would like to have dental bonding since there is a need of looking good or it should be used as the filling. This will last for at least many years.   The bonding may last for many years according to the amount of the resin which had been used and the oral habits of someone.

Whenever you need the dental bonding, then it is time to contact us.  Our experienced dentist will use the latest procedures and equipment to ensure that you have the best teeth.

To get the teeth bonding procedure, you should expect to follow the following steps.

You should expect to have the entire procedure completed in just one visit.

  • The doctor will decide on which type of the composite resin color that will fit the natural teeth you already have.
  • The surface of the teeth should be etched and it will be then coated using a conditioning liquid that makes sure that the bonding will adhere properly.
  • The tooth colored composite resin should be applied on the teeth directly.
  • When the resin is applied, then the dentist will mold, before sculpting and smoothing the resin in the proper shape to make sure that the shape will be flawless.
  • By the use of the ultraviolet light, the resin will be hardened.  The light is pointed directly over the treated tooth for over 30 seconds.
  • When the harden resin had been set in the place, the tooth will be polished to ensure that it will match the shine of other teeth.