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Whether you have one missing tooth or several, it’s important to visit a dentist as soon as possible, since gaps in your mouth can lead to bigger problems such as a misaligned bite and bacterial buildup. 

There are several ways to restore your smile and protect your oral health. Here are several options your dentist can provide.

Complete your smile with a bridge

A bridge is a dental device that fills in the space left by one or two missing teeth. There are several different types available. 

Traditional bridges are the sturdiest, and they hold the artificial teeth in place with the use of crowns on the adjacent teeth. 

A cantilever bridge works by securing the bridge to just one natural tooth. This option is best for a missing tooth that is on the end of an arch. Cantilever bridges are also durable but they require that you take a little extra care when biting down on certain foods. 

A Maryland bridge is a good option if your teeth are in good shape and you want to maintain the structure of your natural teeth. This type of bridge uses porcelain or metal framing to bond the artificial tooth to surrounding teeth.

Restore your mouth with dentures

Dentures are another good option for filling in your smile, and they don’t require any modifications to your existing teeth. They come in two varieties: complete and partial. 

Complete dentures are used when the top or bottom row of teeth is completely missing. Partial dentures fill in spaces when some teeth are missing but some natural teeth remain. 

You also have the choice of conventional or immediate dentures. The former cannot be placed until your gums have healed from the tooth extraction, whereas the latter can be installed right away, but will require some adjusting as your mouth undergoes changes while healing.

Create a natural look with dental implants

Implants are a good option to fill in a gap from just one missing tooth. Dental implants tend to be pricier and require a series of appointments to complete but they need less maintenance and don’t have as much impact on your jaw bone structure.

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