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Dr. Doostan

Mental any people are aware that they have to visit a Dentist Lawndale after every six months but few people do this. However, for people who suffer problems with their teeth, they may need to visit the dentist more often. Whenever someone gets permanent teeth, then the teeth are already prone to the decay and it is good to start seeing a dentist. This is from the age of six up to eight. During the teens, the teeth are not that vulnerable up to the time that the wisdom teeth had come through in the twenties. This is why the risk to the teeth is different depending on the time.

It is recommended to see a dentist after six months to get the checkups. If you are going to find dentist Lawndale, then why not Dr. Afshin Doostan? Why do you need a dentist? When you go to the dentist, and he does not see any problem, he will remind you to continue taking care of your teeth in the right way. There are some people who advice that children should go at least two times each year while adults who are not suffering any problem with their teeth, they can do this after two years. Whenever you visit the dentist, the dentist will check if you do not have any problem and if he finds one, he will then suggest having more frequent visits to address such problem.

What to expect when you to go to a dentist visit

Checking up the tooth decay is a part of the dental examination. This is the time that the dentist will check your teeth and will evaluate if your gums are healthy. He will also perform the neck and head examination to see if everything is ok.

Whenever you visit the dentist, the dentist will be more concerned about the tartar and plaque. It is because the tartar and plaque may build up in just a short period if you are not able to follow up with the right visits. Beverages, foods or tobacco can end up staining the teeth, when it is not removed, then soft plaque will be harden over the teeth and it may irritate gum issue. When the plaque is not treated well, it will lead to gum disease.

When you go to a visit, the dentist will check the throat, tongue, mouth and gums. You will find different routine for every dentist.

The neck and the head examination

  • The dentist can examine the face, the neck, lymph nodes and lower jaw joints.

Clinical dental examination

  • Checking the gums
  • Looking for the signs if you suffer any gum disease
  • Checking if you suffer any loose teeth
  • Checking if you have any tissue within the mouth
  • Examining the tongue
  • Checking the bite
  • Looking for the visual evidence for the tooth decay
  • Checking if you suffer any broken teeth
  • Checking if there is any damaged filling
  • Looking for the changes in the gums that cover the teeth
  • Evaluating the dental appliance that you may be having
  • Taking the x-ray when needed