What will happen when you visit the dentist in Hawthorne?

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Dentist Hawthorne

It is important to visit the Dentist Hawthorne on a regular basis if you want to keep your gums and teeth healthy. You should visit the dentist at least after every six months or as per the recommendation of a dental professional.

What will happen when you visit the dentist?

You will have two sessions of the regular dental visits which are the examination and cleaning. During the examination, the dentist will check to see if you have dental cavities. The x-ray may be needed in detecting the cavities found within the teeth. The exam also entails checking the tartar and plaque on the teeth. Plaque is a sticky and clear layer of bacteria; when it is not removed it becomes tartar. It is not possible to remove the tartar through flossing and brushing. When the tartar and plaque have built up over the teeth, they may lead to severe oral disease.

The dentist will then check the gums. This can be done using a special tool in order to measure the depth found in the spaces between the gums and the teeth. With healthy gums, this space should be shallow. People who have gum disease tend to have such deeper spaces on the gums.

The exam continues in order to include the tongue, neck, face, and throat. This is to see if there is any sign of dental issues which may be alarming. Such issues include cancer signs, redness, and swelling.

The teeth should also be cleaned during the visit.

Flossing and brushing can help in cleaning the plaque away off the teeth but it is not possible to remove the tartar.  While doing the cleaning, the dental professional uses the right tools in removing the tartar. The process is called scaling.

After the teeth have been scaled, they then are polished. This is the period where a gritty paste gets used to doing the work. It does help in removing the surface stains over the teeth. The final step will be flossing. The dental professional can use the floss in order to ensure that the areas found within the teeth have also been cleaned.

What you have to do while waiting to visit the Dentist Hawthorne?

Before you visit the dentist, you should ensure that you are taking care of your gums and teeth. Plaque forms over the teeth on a regular basis, but you may manage it through flossing and brushing on regular basis.  The following are tips that you can adapt to if you want to maintain a good oral health.

  • Brush the teeth two times each day. Ensure that you are using the toothpaste which has fluoride
  • Floss daily.
  • Use mouthwash in order to help in controlling the plaque bacteria. This helps in keeping fresh breath.

Why you should visit the dentist often?

  • It will help you in making sure that your gums and teeth are healthy.
  • The dentist will check if you have any troubled area and this will ensure good oral health in general.
  • The dentist will recommend various treatment options if you have any serious dental problem that should be addressed.

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