Healthy Smiles Premier Dental

Have you not had a full dental exam or cosmetic dentistry in a long while, fearful that it might reveal a serious problem that will be expensive and painful to fix? The good news is that whatever your past experiences with other dental practices, Healthy Smiles Premier Dental, dentist in Gardena, can make any procedure virtually painless, thanks to a wide range of anesthetic options.

But we cannot reverse time or entirely undo the damage that was done by waiting, as cavities grew large, teeth became loose, or jawbone was eaten away by a periodontal infection. It is, however, never too late to have Dr. Doostan do a full oral exam, which might even give you some good news. But if you need dental treatment, he can explain your best options, ways to finance procedures, and your preferences with regards to preventing pain.

Relaxation Techniques

Some people like to start with breathing in nitrous oxide through a mask, which is relaxing and taps down anxiousness. A topical anesthetic followed by a pinprick of a local injection is usually adequate for most procedures. However, you can take a moderate or a strong pill for sedation (which will require you to be driven home by someone else afterwards). And for those who really want to sleep right through any surgery, we can put you under through an intravenous (IV) drip, so that you will not remember anything.

Music, Movies, or Books

It may just be that you have always felt anxious when going to the dentist or any doctor. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce anxiety and stay calm while in the dental chair. You can bring in a favorite playlist to listen to during a procedure, watch a movie or a TV episode, catch up on a favorite podcast, or listen to an author read a book that you put off for lack of time, getting lost in the story. 

You can also meditate: it doesn’t have to be anything formal, just a syllable (most famously “om”) or a short phrase to focus your mind while visualizing something like a candle flame or turning wheel.

Rhythmic Breathing Exercises

Doing rhythmic breathing, including counting as you breath in, hold it, and breath out (don’t worry about the exact seconds between them), is not only a good distraction and calming, but actually helps your overall well being.

You can also consciously focus on relaxing your muscles, starting with contracting your feet and then relaxing them, then moving up to the head. 

Call today to set a free dental exam with Dr. Doostan, serving the Torrance, Lawndale, Hawthorne, Carson, Redondo Beach, and Gardena areas. You truly will be glad you did, as your oral health will become better than ever.