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Misshaped Teeth and Poor Hygiene

Your dental care should be a priority. This is why you should find a professional Gardena dentist near you. However, do not worry as you already have one professional right here in Gardena. You can visit our office here at Dr. Afshin Doostan to benefit highly from the cost-effective dental treatment plans.

The tooth structure can be interfered with when an individual has fallen or got into an accident. Dental crowning is the treatment plan used to get rid of this drawback.

Bad breath is usually associated with improper oral hygiene. However, in other instances it has been caused by the emissions of salivary toxins in the mouth. This condition is treatable here at Dr. Afshin Doostan.

Teeth Misalignment / Teeth Bleaching / Implants / Dentures

Misaligned teeth may hinder you smiling setbacks, poor speech delivery, and improper biting and chewing. This limitation may be treated by dental bonding. Impacted wisdom teeth may be as a result of teeth overcrowding. The affected teeth will be extracted here at our dental clinic. You may have lost your teeth to an accident, falling off a bicycle or other cons. Dental implants will be used to correct this default.

Bleaching of your teeth means to whitening them beyond their natural color. Carbamide and hydrogen peroxides are the bleaching agents adapted to in the whitening procedure. Brown and yellow stains that have discolored your teeth may be corrected through this procedure. Teeth may become discolored for a number of reasons such as immoderate fluoride intakes, smoking habits, consumption of alcohol and excessive use of tetracycline

Dental implants are components surgically interfaced with your jawbone to provide a foundation for dental prosthesis such as crowns, complete dentures and bridges. The defect of missing teeth can be corrected by dental implants.

Dentures are ‘false teeth’ which serve as dental replacements for missing teeth. You may have either removable or complete dentures.

Veneers / Smile Makeover / Onlays & Inlays

If you are suffering from damaged, crooked and fractured teeth you serve as an ideal candidate to have dental veneers on. Veneers are porcelains which are attached to the front surface of your teeth with a dental adhesive.

You will undergo a total smile makeover if you are experiencing troubles with the display of teeth. Yellow or brown stains on your teeth will be bleached to harness a pearl white smile.

These are crafts made from composite resin materials and are attached to the teeth with dental adhesives. They serve a purpose of repairing misshaped teeth and chipped off teeth. They help in achieving perfect teeth structure.

Teeth Cleaning / Flossing / Invisalign

Many people are not so fond of teeth cleaning because they ought to think that the procedure will be costly and complex. However, such is not the case as the process is usually simple and affordable. Flossing entails using a thin thread to remove food remains in between your teeth.

The whole procedure consists tartar removal, tooth scraping, brushing and rinsing using a fluoride liquid.

Invisalign is a discreet braces method alternative to the easily noticed braces. Invisalign is not easily noticed and can be removed at your convenience. The aligners used are meant to straighten your teeth to the perfect configuration.